Silk City Film Festival

Coming to Hartford, Connecticut
October 13-16, 2011


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FIlm Title: 0 - VIP Pass
Filmakers Name: 0 - VIP Pass

Get a pass to all of the events, this pass gets you into everything at Silk City!!



FIlm Title: 1 - Opening Day Gala
Filmakers Name: 1 - Opening Day Gala

Come join us in kicking off the Opening Night of the Silk City Flick Fest.  Start by watching 2 great movies:

Steam Driven followed by City of Lost Children at the Connecticut Science Center

followed by an after party at City Steam Brewery

Opening Night

FIlm Title: 2 - Friday Day Pass
Filmakers Name: 2 - Friday Day Pass

Get a pass to attend all of Friday's Movies, Panels & Parties!!

Friday Day Pass

FIlm Title: 3 - Saturday Day Pass
Filmakers Name: 3 - Saturday Day Pass

Enjoy all the movies, panels and more on Saturday, October 15!!


Saturday Day Pass

FIlm Title: 4 - Closing Night Gala
Filmakers Name: 4 - Closing Night Gala

Come watch our Award's Ceremony and join the fun at City Steam for our Award's Gala and meet some of the filmmakers.


Closing Night

FIlm Title: 9 Days
Filmakers Name: Samuel Johnson

The saying goes that love means never having to say you're sorry... This is especially true when you're being held in a religious madman's basement with your neck chained to a wooden post. '9 Days' is based on a DARKly comedic reading of 'Dante's Inferno.' 

Saturday, October 15 @ 2:00p  -  Capital Community College (College Auditorium)

9 Days

FIlm Title: A Matter of Perspective
Filmakers Name: Rafal Kowalczyk

The same events. Two people. Two perspectives.

Friday, October 14 @ 7:00pm  -  Capital Community College (Community Room)


Matter or Perspective

FIlm Title: Challenging Impossibility
Filmakers Name: Natabara Mark Rollosson and Sanjay Rawal

CHALLENGING IMPOSSIBILITY chronicles the weightlifting odyssey of the late spiritual teacher and peace advocate Sri Chinmoy.  Surprisingly, at the age of 53, this Indian-born mystic took up weightlifting. Already an advocate of the necessity of physical fitness in the spiritual life, this New York City-based Guru was inspired to demonstrate the tangible power of inner peace by performing incredible, but real feats of strength.

Friday, October 14 @ 8:00pm  -  Capital Community College (Community Room)

Challenging Impossibility

FIlm Title: City of Lost Children
Filmakers Name: Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet

 A scientist in a surrealist society kidnaps children to steal their dreams, hoping that they slow his aging process. 

Thursday, October 13 @ 8:30pm  -  Connecticut Science Center 

City of Lost Children
Or WATCH THE DOUBLE FEATURE "STEAM DRIVEN" Followed by "City of Lost Children"
Steam Driven

FIlm Title: Cultures of Resistance
Filmakers Name: Lara Lee

CULTURES OF RESISTANCE is a film journey into the causes of contemporary war and conflict around the world, and an impassioned meditation on the apocalyptic problems facing humanity at this critical juncture in the history of the species.

Sunday, October 16 @ 12:30pm  -  Wadsworth Atheneum

Cultures of Resistance

FIlm Title: Dead Stop
Filmakers Name: Jonas Stolpe

A road trip turns deadly, when a broken down van strands a group of travelers in the middle of nowhere. As supplies diminish, they turn on each other while being hunted by a violent, blood-thirsty creature.

Friday, October 14 @ 8:30pm - Capital Community College (Community Room)


Saturday, October 15 @ 12:00pm  -  Captial Community College  (College Auditorium)

Dead Stop

FIlm Title: Ditch
Filmakers Name: Gary Fierro

When being down in the dumps is taken way to literally.

Saturday, October 15 @ 4:00pm  -  Wadsworth Atheneum


Sunday, October 16 @ 2:15pm  -  Wadsworth Atheneum 



FIlm Title: Dynamite Swine
Filmakers Name: Mark Poisella

While attempting to save his girlfriend’s “hair salon for the homeless,” a run-n-gun gambler falls $10K in the hole to a sadistic Russian quadriplegic thug and must enter the biggest card tourney of his life in order to save the salon, his ass, his brother’s ass and the life of a pig named Porky!

Saturday, October 15 @  8:45pm  -  Wadsworth Atheneum

Dynamite Swine

FIlm Title: Friends and Lovers
Filmakers Name: Ron Pike

Sometimes the Heart Needs a Mechanic.  After a failed relationship with a waitress, a young gay man is challenged by his love for a straight mechanic.

Saturday, October 15 @ 5:45pm  -  Wadsorth  Atheneum



Friends and Lovers

FIlm Title: Hood To Coast
Filmakers Name: Christoph Baaden and Marcie Hume

The annaul Hood to Coast Relay race is not only the world's largets relay race but also one of the running's biggest adventrues.  For 197 miles, 12 amateur runners will be bonded together by this epic race.  Hood to Coast is an unparalleled experience, like a team marathon combined with a high-octane road trip.  Our documentary will follow several race teams on their exciting journey.  In the end, the experience is the win.

Friday, October 14 @ 7:15pm  - Wadsworth Antheneum



Hood to Coast

FIlm Title: Horror Shorts - (See Titles Below)
Filmakers Name:

 Friday, October 14 @ 5pm  -  Capital Community College (Degnan Hall)

Horror Shorts

 Ad Noctum by Ryan Wilson & Ross MorinA man is consumed by shadows in an old house on the darkest night of the year.

An Evening With My Comatose Mother by Jonathan Martin - Dorothy Pritchard thought she had it easy; hosue sit for the wealthy Poe's on All Hallows Eve while collecting a cool paycheck.  That was, until, she was introduced to the Poe's rotting, comtose mother living upstairs.  as the dark of the night comes, and as the approaching stomr blacks out the neighborhood, Dorothy soon finds herself on a nightmare ride through hell that she can only beg to be woken from.

FIlm Title: In the Key of Eli
Filmakers Name: Phillip Scarpaci

A buttoned-up junior attorney embarks on a comedic search for the lost music tapes of a long dead superstar in this wacky unraveling of a rock and roll mystery.

Saturday, October 15 @ 1:15pm - Captial Community College (Community Room)


Sunday, October 16 @ 11:00am - Wadsworth Atheneum 

Key of Eli


FIlm Title: Kings & Nines
Filmakers Name: Keith Rocheleau

A conman is forced to hustle an underground gambling ring by crooked law enforcement officers, but he has plans of his own.

Saturday, October 15 @  7:15pm  -  Wadsworth Atheneum


FIlm Title: Marianne
Filmakers Name: Filip Tegstedt

MARIANNE is a new Swedish independent film, a small town psychological horror drama with roots in Swedish folklore. 'American Beauty meets Repulsion'.

Friday, October 14 @ 8:30pm  -  Capital Community College



FIlm Title: Narrative Shorts #1 (Please see titles below)
Filmakers Name:

Friday, October 14 @  2:00pm  -   Capital Community College (Degnan Hall)


Shorts #1

Menuda Urbe by Jose Enirque RiveraIn this allegorical film, a surrealist magician seamlessly performs a coin trick but doesn't seem to be fully in control of the ultimate trick under his sleeve.

The Widower by Randolph ZainiA rogue hitman is out to settle a final debit.

Jane Seeking Mark by Dee MeadenJane breaks up with Mark as his depression has made their relationship impossible. Her loneliness and low self-esteem soon make her wonder if she has done the right thing. A late night call helps them reconnect but their communication is at a crossed purpose.

Like Stones in Water by Kok-Yau Kong A demented old man's memories are buried deep like stones in water. He throws stones into a lake and each stone recalls the surface happiness in his life. Only a family tragedy has the force to shatter the surface and reveal the truth behind the hidden memories.

FIlm Title: Narrative Shorts #2 (Please see titles below)
Filmakers Name:

 Saturday, October 15 @  11:15am  -   Capital Community College (Community Room)

Shorts #2

 38:50 by Chris Capel  38:50 follows Andrew and John, two co-workers who hike out to the middle of no where to face a difficult decision.


Loved Alone by Georgina GajdosikAn ominous fate looms over two young lovers as they dangerous love affair is tested in the shadowy closes of Edinburgh. The perfect romantic weekend is about to come undone.

Oliver's Treasure by Chuck GriebOn the run, Sir Oliver stumbles into the king's receiving room to find the old monarch's crown was left forgotten on the throne. Intrigued, the easily distracted Sir Oliver gives the crown a try to see how it sits on his head. Trouble returns when a searching knight tracks down Oliver's hiding place.

Mea Culpa by David RutterAfter a car accident, 24 year old slacker ZACH questions life and the afterlife.

FIlm Title: Police Tape
Filmakers Name: Josh Wolf

Police Tape is a half-hour documentary chronicling the role that police recordings have played in holding officers accountable. Almost twenty years after George Holliday recorded the Rodney King beating on his camcorder, several people captured a transit officer shooting a young man on their cell phone. Today, prosecutors in at least three states have tried to use existing wiretapping laws to make recording the police a felony. Simultaneously, dozens of police departments across the country are adding cameras to their officers' uniforms to record every single stop, and although these police cameras are often framed around ensuring police are held accountable, it's unclear the public will ever see any evidence of police abuse captured by these cameras.

 Friday, October 14 @ 5:00pm  -  Capital Community College (Community Room)

Police Tape

FIlm Title: Retardian Angel
Filmakers Name: Danny LeGare

When Annabelle's life starts to go drastically wrong her brother returns from the beyond to help her get her life back on track. Annabelle is not very happy to find out that her downs syndrome brother is going to be involved in helping her make better choices in her life. Especially when he chooses the inopportune times to show up and add his perspectives.

Sunday, October 16 @ 3:45pm - Wadsworth Atheneum


Retardian Angel

FIlm Title: Steam Driven
Filmakers Name: Michael Marchand

A romantic interest, wrougth with peril, blossoms between two factory workers from a war torn alternative, parallel universe.

Thursday, October 13 @ 7pm  -  Connecticut Science Center


Saturday, October 15  @ 11am  -  Capital Community College

Steam Driven


 Watch "Steam Driven" and "City of Lost Children" together!!

Thursday, October 13 @ 7pm - Connecticut Science Center 

Steam Driven + Lost Children


FIlm Title: Student Shorts #1 (See Titles Below)
Filmakers Name:

Please bring a canned good as admission to the Student Shorts:

Friday, October 14 @ 4pm  - Captial Community College (Community Room)


Saturday, October 15 @ 12pm  -  Hartford Public Library

Miss Lucky Misfortunate by Thomas E. Mann (9mins)  -  Mallory is having a very bad day until a mysterious man gives her a clover leaf emblazoned lighter that will change her life forever.

 Temper  by Stephen Dwyer (15 min)  -  Having just graduated from anger management, Sean's ready to become a new person, but between his past and his surroundings, he'll discover that there's no way you can change who you are.

 Lemonade by Ryan Broomsberg (5 min)Senior citizen Debby decides that Stacy, a young Green Peace door-to-door fundraiser, might just be too annoying for her own good.

Without Wings by Jo Meuris (4min)Without Wings is a celebration of the human body in motion. The movements of dancers, traceurs, and acrobats are woven together in a symphony of animated figures that rejoices in the ability to defy gravity.

FIlm Title: Student Shorts #2 (See Titles Below)
Filmakers Name:

 Please bring a canned good as admission to the Student Shorts:

Saturday, October 15 @ 10am  - Captial Community College (Community Room)


Saturday, October 15 @ 1pm  -  Hartford Public Library

Macy by Ben Kadie  (22 mins) 'Mack' tells the story of a painter with an ambition tragically larger than his talent. Inspired by Macbeth, the film's 15-year-old writer/director worked with a cast of fellow high-schoolers to capture the suspense, violence, comic relief, and drama of a Shakespearean tale.


One Afternoon by Matias ShimadaVisions unfold in an apartment building. After moving to New Haven, Connecticut, a young writer meets his next-door neighbor in a rather unusual circumstance.

Indestructible by Jonah Lazowski (5 min)A boy is constantly picked one, when one day, he finds out that his toaster can make him indestructible.

FIlm Title: T-Town
Filmakers Name: Brett Orzechowski

In the summer of 2010, a new sports business model began to take shape in the the Berkshire foothills of Northwest Connecticut. The concept - a community funds a baseball team, a community operates the team through one website. 

Friday, October 14 @  9:00pm - Wadsworth Atheneum



FIlm Title: The Black Box
Filmakers Name: Jason Balas

Audrey lives in an era simply referred to as 'The Shut-In Period.' Basically meaning that after nightfall one best keep their ass shut behind closed doors. The world has ended and no one is exactly sure why. Most have either died or gone mad. The few who remain fight and kill for survival in a world dominated by the Internet.  In a move to stem rising violence, everyone has been implanted with a chip that records every second of every day. The device referred to as 'The Black Box' does its job well. Too well. Memories, thoughts, and emotions live on...even after death.

Friday, October 14 @  7:00pm  -  Capital Community College (Degnan Hall)

Black Box

FIlm Title: What's Up?
Filmakers Name: Kim Sheridan

A small film crew looks up at the sky and contemplates what's really going on with our environment. This film was created as part of the 2010 International Documentary Challenge, in which a short non-fiction film had to be written, filmed, and produced within a five-day period. First-time documentary filmmaker Kim Sheridan accepted this challenge, but took it one step further. She chose to do it all with a crew of only two: herself and her husband. Kim wrote, directed, produced, co-edited, co-filmed, narrated, and even created the musical score for 'What's Up?' It is her intention that the film will encourage viewers to open their eyes and their minds, and to take action to make a positive difference in the world around us.

Saturday, October 15 @ 11:00am = Capital Community College (Community Room)


What's Up?

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